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Assalamualaikum selamat berkunjung ke laman sesawang saya. ianya tidak seberapa kerana ini entah blog yang keberapa :)

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

girls :)

dating, outing and everything !
two days together and i'm happy with them
although this is NOT "girls outing" but its still fun

and for those is not join us
next time we can plan and make the plan as a GREAT OUTING EVER !

what ever happen after
i only want you'll know that 
i'm very very glad have a friend like all of you 

lets see my happy time with them !

US !

entrance Taman Haiwan.

papa RAUB and mama YAYA.


waiting my JUANDA 

RAJIN ! yes we are.

Taman Herba !

lets fly....

that time i feel so so so TALLLLLL.

Taman Permainan.

pokok berhantu ..oppsss !

Taman Haiwan !

here we are.. 
Taman Sri Cahaya, Shah Alam 
Seksyen 7

full of fun 
and love that time

thank to mama and papa
because bring US here for our weekend

muah muah
lot of love from me